Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What They Always Tell Us

What They Always Tell Us by Martin Wilson (NY: Delacorte, 2008).

The main character, Alex, is dealing with the aftermath of his attempted suicide. Told in alternating voices from Alex's perspective and that of his older brother James, the story delineates Alex's mental state and slowly reveals why he tried to kill himself (by drinking cleaning fluid at an end-of-summer party) and how he comes out of his funk. James's perspective as a senior who's bored and disillusioned with his usual friends and pastimes in their Alabama hometown complements Alex's side well. Alex's friendship with a neighbor boy and developing relationship with one of his brother's friends draw Alex out of himself in a way that helps him gain self understanding.

A finely told story with many touching moments. Highly recommended for boys, grades 7&up. Sexual situations, drugs, alcohol.

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Martin said...

Hi Mary, glad you liked the book. Thanks for the lovely review! (Yes, we authors have google alerts. Haha.)--Martin Wilson