Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magenta McPhee

Magenta McPhee by Catherine Bateson (NY: Holiday House, 2009).

I love the cover art for this book, which is set in Australia! It captures Magenta's innocent, 1950s-ish view of the world, particularly her girlish worrying about her dad. Dad has lost his IT job and for some reason has decided to simplify his life, particularly all the technology, which is weird for someone who works in technology, right? Plus he seems mopey and depressed and hangs out at the library all the time. Is it just because his ex-wife, Magenta's mom, is getting remarried soon? What can Magenta do? Ever intrepid, Magenta sets up an online dating service account for her dad and even finds him a potential girlfriend. Not that it works out, but it's funny. Magenta is also working on a three volume fantasy novel into which she weaves aspects of her life and concerns.

Altogether a fine novel for young tweens and teens, grades 5& up. No language or violence, just vague romantic fantasies.

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