Sunday, May 16, 2010


Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan (Boston: Graphia, 2008).

Funny novel about a teenager, Kristi, who is convinced she can read minds. Maybe she can, but she sure misses a lot of information, which she eventually figures out. Like how didn't she know that this kid who hangs out with her all the time is gay? He's constantly thinking, she believes, about her "ginormous" chest, often in strikingly graphic circumstances, like decked with marzipan (yup). Kristi is certainly obsessed with her self-image and while claiming to want to be left alone, decks her self out in clothes she makes from recycled materials. Her mom and dad are separated, with her dad saving the world in Africa and her mom saving lives as a surgeon at the local hospital. Neither seems to care much about helping Kristi, or so she believes.

All teens believe they have special powers and insights, so this novel about a teen who believes she is telepathic should appeal to this age group. Yes, there is romance, too, so it's a fun read with lots of humorous potential while at the same time rife with the misunderstandings so common among angsty teens. Great for grades 8 & up. Language, sexual situations, body parts.

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