Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Serial Kisser

Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendelin Van Draanen (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008).

As soon as I started this one, I realized I'd already read it. But I didn't mind revisiting Evangeline Biana Logan's hilarious quest for the perfect kiss. It starts when she finds her mom's stash of cheesy romances (under the bed, of course) and begins yearning for a "crimson kiss," like the one described so passionately in one of the novels. Does it exist? The evidence begins mounting to the contrary almost immediately as Evangeline snatches lip locks left and right--at school, at Starbucks, wherever she happens upon a willing (or even unwilling!) male. This quest has unintended consequences for Evangeline, and Van Draanen once again captures the zany drama of teen life. More serious topics include Evangeline dealing with her mother's lifting depression, her parents' divorce and possible reconciliation, and fall out from her philandering mouth.

Great for readers in grades 6-9. Sexual sitations, language, alcohol, drugs.

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