Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hallowed (An Unearthly novel) by Cynthia Hand (NY: HarperTeen, 2012).

This novel takes off where Unearthly leaves off--Clara Gardner has seemingly deviated from her purpose as an angel and rescued Tucker from the fire of her vision rather than Christian.  She trusts her love for Tucker, but still feels uneasy about Christian since their destinies seem inextricably intertwined. Now she's having a new vision in which someone has died, and she's learning more about her role in the world of angels and their enemies--the Black Wings.

Hallowed succeeds in the same way its predecessor, Unearthly did--it is so much more than an angel novel.  Clara is a compelling, engaging, and amusing character who agonizes (but not too melodramatically) over her relationships.  She is honestly confused about her feelings for Christian even as she sincerely loves Tucker.  There's also the mystery of her new vision and how that plays out in the same unexpected way as her vision in the first novel.  It's interesting to see how her interpretations change, though they all seem plausible, until reality strikes. Meanwhile, she's also coming to terms with her angel powers and responsibilities--and how those must shape her future.  An excellent read, highly recommended, for teens 13  up.  Sexual situations, alcohol.

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