Monday, January 30, 2012

Chill Run

Chill Run by Russell Brooks (self-published, 2011). Review copy provided by author.

Eddie Barrow needs a break.  Laid off from his job, dumped by his girlfriend, and misunderstood by his family--who seem more interested in his sister's academic achievements and traditional goals than his attempts at writing and publishing his novel--Eddie is getting desperate.  So he agrees to a cockamamie publicity scheme cooked up by his unemployed, depressed best friend and his waitress girlfriend, who moonlights as a dominatrix:  Eddie will purposely get caught by the media engaged in an illicit sex act with a corporate bigwig. All that collapses when the bigwig confesses to financial shenanigans that include fraud with prominent politicians and proceeds to get killed while Eddie peeks out from an adjacent room. Now Eddie's a witness on the run from the police, who think he's a killer, and from the bad guys, who want to keep him quiet, as he tries to figure out the meaning of the some cryptic comments and unravel the plot before the blame settles on him.

The Montreal, Quebec, and Canadian countryside settings work perfectly in this chill-and-thrill-a-minute novel that never lets go from page one. Eddie is a sympathetic yet quick-witted character, and his friend Corey is a laughable yet worthy sidekick. The plot gels well, and I enjoyed how Eddie not only gets the publishing fame he longs for, but he does so by writing the story that is at the core of this one. All in all, Chill Run is a cool read!  Highly recommended.

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