Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Anti-Social Network

The Anti-Social Network by Sadie Hayes (Santa Monica, CA: Backlit Fiction, 2011). Review copy provided by publisher.

Amelia and Adam have managed to stay in school and are working on launching Amelia's product with the help of investor Tom Fenway.  It feels like their dreams could be coming true. Unfortunately, some voices from their past are threatening their future, plus they're dealing with new threats as well.

The soap opera antics and high stakes games of Silicon Valley continue in the second installment of  this highly readable and dynamic e-series. Secrets seem to be a valuable currency in this world.  Adam and Amelia's former foster family is threatening them with revealing secrets from the twins' past, and Adam is constantly worried about what will happen to their new company, Doreye, if investor Tom Fenway, or anyone else for that matter, finds out.  Meanwhile, Adam has another secret--his relationship with Lisa, but she's got secrets of her own.  Amelia's former roommate Patty is also dealing in secrets--hers and other people's, so it all makes for a potentially toxic mix throughout the narrative. Plus, the story ends on a real cliff hanger that will undoubtedly send all readers scurrying for the next installment of this addictive series! Recommended for ages 15 & up.  Sexual situations, language.

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