Sunday, July 31, 2011

Withering Tights

Withering Tights by Louise Rennison (NY: Harper Teen, 2011).

Tallulah Casey is heading out on a summer adventure! She loves drama, she thinks, though her main talent is Irish dancing and random outbursts of awkwardness largely attributable to her knobby knees and ridiculous stature. Plus her outstanding lack in the chest area. Her cousin Georgia claims this will all change in time, but really, how long must Tallulah suffer without a jiggle to her front? Still, she goes to Yorkshire for a summer performing arts course hoping for the best of everything--new friends, new talents, and BOYS! Sure there will be a few bumps, like she has to stay with a village family, the Dobbins aka the Dibdobs, rather than living in the dorm, but this has the advantage of encounters with cutie Alex, whose family owns the pub and whose little sister Ruby immediately befriends Tallulah.

Hurray! A new series by the creator of the Georgia Nicolson books. And it's good in the same ways--funny neologisms, wacky scenarios, and general silliness. Tallulah's first kiss is a total hoot, and the wild bicycle ballet is equally hilarious. Highly recommended for ages 12 & up. Mild sexual situations (kissing).

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