Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Murder, My Son

It's Murder, My Son (A Mac Faraday Mystery) by Lauren Carr (2010). Review copy provided by author.

This novel introduces the incredibly fortunate Mac Faraday. He's just been rescued from the brink of bankruptcy following a messy divorce by learning that his biological mother, famous mystery writer Robin Spencer, has died and left him millions. Mac buys a fancy sports car and drives to his new estate on exclusive Deer Creek Lake in Spencer, Maryland. In addition to his fabulous new stone and cedar mansion, Mac finds his mother's dog, Gnarly, her editor, Archie, a half-brother David--and a recent murder to investigate--right next door to his new home! The latter is just what a newly retired homicide detective needs, and it turns out he needs the others as well.

Carr has begun an excellent new series with It's Murder, My Son. The plot is satisfyingly complex, full of twists that make it nearly impossible to guess the murderer's identity. The characters, none of them superfluous, are interesting and, in some cases, quite humorous. My favorite by far is the German shepherd, Gnarly, who initially seems like a nuisance to Mac, but quickly becomes a vital partner in the investigation--and Mac's life! Gnarly has a sixth sense when it comes to rescuing Mac from sticky situations, even such small ones as hiring the right maid. Carr doles out just the right amount of background information on Mac's mother Robin Spencer, mainly through her journals, but also through her editor, the beautiful Archie, who lives in the guest house and soon spends a lot of time with Mac. Overall, this novel is well worth reading for mystery lovers! Highly recommended.


Lauren Carr said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to review It's Murder, My Son. I am so glad you enjoyed it and hope others will read and enjoy it, too.

Olga said...

I'm always looking for new good mysteries and this one sounds perfect. Thanks for the review!