Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smokin' Seventeen

Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich (NY: Bantam, 2011).

The latest installment of Stephanie Plum's adventures finds Stephanie, Luli, and the rest of the bond agency working out of Mooner's RV parked near the lot where Vinnie's building burned down. Then bodies start turning up where a foundation should be going, and the killer suggests that Stephanie will be next! On top of that, Morelli's grandmother has hexed Stephanie with a wild sex drive that has her hopping between Morelli and Ranger in what Lulu call's a bake-off that should help Stephanie decide which one she'll settle down with. Meanwhile Stephanie's mom and grandmother are trying to set her up with a former high school football star who wants to cook for Stephanie--and more!

If you like this series, you will like Smokin' Seventeen. Yes, some of the jokes are getting old, like Stephanie's perpetually exploding cars and Grandma Mazur's funeral home antics, but Stephanie and Lulu's misadventures in bounty hunting remain entertaining. At times it seems like Evanovich is stretching the limits of the series in a bad way--going for funny situations rather than advancing the plot and solving the mystery--but overall this is a good read, well worth a look. It is an adult novel.

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