Thursday, June 9, 2011


Clarity by Kim Harrington (NY: Point, 2011).

Clarity "Clare" Fern considers herself a freak. Actually, her whole family is freakish. She's a psychic--one touch and she has a vision. Her mother is a telepath, and her brother is a medium. They make a living in their Cape Cod tourist town of Eastport by giving readings. They're popular with the tourists, but with their fellow townsfolk, not so much, so Clare doesn't have a lot of friends and has only recently had a boyfriend--who ended up cheating on her. As the summer season begins, a teen-aged girl is found dead--murdered--in a hotel room, and Clare's brother turns out to have been the last person to see her alive. Clare has to join forces with her cheating ex and a hot new boy in town, who happens to be the son of the new police detective, to suss out the truth and help her brother.

Tired of paranormal romances that follow the same old plot line? Want something a little different to pop in your beach bag? This novel fits the bill. Yes, there's some romance, but there's also an ocean front setting and a murder to solve. Recommended for ages 14 & up. Sexual situations, drugs, alcohol, language.

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