Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prom and Prejudice

Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg (NY: Point, 2011).

In this re-envisioning of Austen's classic novel, Lizzie Bennett is a scholarship student at a high-end girls' prep school called Longbourn Academy. Jane is her kind-hearted roommate, and Charles Bingley and Will Darcy are boys at Pemberley Academy. Aside from Jane and Charlotte, another scholarship student, Lizzie avoids her mean-spirited classmates who tormented her from the day she started at Longbourn simply because she's not rich. Jane likes Charles and is hoping he'll ask her to prom, which is a hugely important social occasion for juniors at Longbourn. Lizzie and Will clash from the start, with Lizzie assuming Will is as snobby as his classmates, especially when she overhears him remarking to Charles about her scholarship status.

Prom & Predudice is a fun, lightweight read, with very little of the social satire of its original, which is fine, since getting a date for prom and finding a husband are entirely different matters. Recommended for ages 13 & up.

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