Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fall for Anything

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers (NY: St. Martin's Griffin, 2010).

There's no summer fun for Eddie Reeve this year. Her senior year is ahead and she's hanging out with her best friend Milo every day, but she's mired in sadness after her father's suicide and obsessed with knowing why. Her mother is nearly catatonic, and her mother's pesky best friend Beth has actually moved into their house. Eddie sneaks out every night and rides her bike to the old warehouse from whose roof her dad leaped to his death. It's where Eddie found him and where Milo found them both. Eddie's fuzzy on some of the details of that horrible day, yet remains sharply focused on discovering why her dad, an acclaimed photographer who fled the art world at the height of his fame, left her and her mother.

Eddie chances to meet Culler Evans on one of her visits to the warehouse. He claims to be a former student of her father's and he does seem to have some inside knowledge. He's a bit older than Eddie and she feels attracted to him, despite Milo's warnings that there's something off about the situation, especially when Culler starts showing Eddie cryptic messages her father allegedly left carved in the walls of the last places he photographed.

Summers is an extraordinary YA author who is highly skilled at interweaving dark realism with bordering-on-hopeful outcomes. Fall for Anything (plus Summer's previous novels, Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are) is highly recommended. Sexual situations, language, alcohol. Ages 13 & up.

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