Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Secret of Rover

The Secret of Rover by Rachel Wildavsky (NY: Amulet Books, 2011) [reviewed from ARC provided by publisher].

Twelve-year-old twins Kate and David are happy in their new suburban home. It's a huge step up from their former rat-infested house in a rough DC neighborhood. The government has purchased the spy tool called Rover that their parents and uncle have invented, so now there's money and bright future for them. Then their parents get the call they've been waiting for: a baby available for adoption in a small Middle Eastern country, but they must act immediately. A nanny is quickly arranged for the twins, and their parents depart. Kate immediately senses something off about the nanny, from her too-new clothes to her saccharine smile and fake-sounding agreeableness. The suspicions take a cruel twist when the twins' parents and new baby sister are kidnapped by insurgents, and it turns out the nanny is one of them! What can the twins do? They guess that their best option is to find their uncle, a recluse in Vermont. And fast. Before something happens to their parents....or them.

Fans of Gordon Korman's On the Run series will devour this fast-paced, suspenseful adventure tale. Kate and Dave meet danger at every turn in a race for their lives--and the lives of those they love. Highly recommended for ages 10 & up. Would make a great read aloud!

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