Saturday, January 22, 2011


Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (NY: Scholastic AudioBook on CD, 2010).

The audio format works very well for this novel because the narrators switch off from chapter to chapter among Grace, Sam, Isabelle (the sister of the boy who dies in Shiver), and Cole, a rock star who has recently become a werewolf. Again Stiefvater manages the many strands of her story well and makes the existence of werewolves alongside humans seem plausible, though again there are iffy medical aspects that require suspension of disbelief. The romance, once more, makes that eminently doable.

Sam has survived the dubious cure concocted by Isabelle at the end Shiver, and now faces a future he never thought he'd have. Grace, meanwhile, is suffering symptoms that she's afraid to dwell on. Grace's parents, completely oblivious of their daughter's nearly live-in boyfriend up to now, somehow catch on that Sam does not leave at night and decide to act like parents. Isabelle, still grieving the loss of her brother, feels unwillingly drawn to the new werewolf Cole, and helps him in spite of her negative feelings toward the wolves. Cole's human past haunts him and he has to confront past mistakes and issues he thought turning wolf would obliterate. In the end, Cole & Isabelle help Sam try to save Grace in an exciting conclusion that leaves the reader pining for the final installment of this trilogy.

Super romance, great characters, and superb writing make Linger as awesome as Shiver. Highly recommended for ages 13 & up. Intense & sexual situations.

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