Friday, July 16, 2010

The Not-So-Great Depression

The Not-So-Great Depression, in which the economy crashes, my mom goes broke, my sister's plans are ruined, my dad grows vegetables, and I do not get a hamster by Amy Goldman Koss (NY: Roaring Book Press, 2010).

9th grade Jacki is irrepressibly optimistic and cheerful. All sorts of bad things are going on in her life, but she remains upbeat and positive. She's the ultimate glass half full, silver lining, lemonade girl. Her mom says she's like her dad, and her sister Brooke calls her "Miss Sweetie Pants Happy Face." Mom and Brooke are Type As, so they're both pretty upset about financial issues, but Jacki sees the bright side--no private school next year--great, she'll be at the public school with the cute guy she likes. Have to move away and downsize? Fine, move to the area where her best friend lives. Broken ankle? Awesome--no more track team or piano lessons! Quick fun read for ages 11 & up.

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