Sunday, June 6, 2010

Confetti Girl

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez (NY: Little, Brown, 2010).

Lina Flores loves colorful socks--they are her fashion statement, necessary for distracting from her gawky height and plain brown wrapping, she thinks. She'd love to be as beautiful as her best friend Vanessa who easily snags good-looking Carlos to be her boyfriend. Lina is crushing on geeky Luis, but worries about her book-loving dad's escapist tendencies and even Vanessa's mom's man-hating statements and obsession with making cascarones--decorated hollow eggs stuffed with colorful confetti. Her dad just wants to read and doesn't even know that Lina loves science and is failing English. If only Lina's mother were still alive, but she's not, and Vanessa's mom's sympathetic whispers of pobrecita wearing thin.

Lopez has created a warm novel with bilingual and bicultural dimensions that reads well and easily. Great for girls ages 9-12.

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