Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scottish Mystery

Something Wicked: A Horatio Wilkes Mystery by Alan Gratz (NY: Dial, 2008).

Horatio lands in the middle of another dramatic murder mystery when he travels to a Scottish Highlands summer festival on a mountain in North Carolina with his friend Mac (whose girlfriend's name is....yes, Beth). While he resists wearing a kilt, Horatio can't help but investigate when Mac's grandfather, the founder of the festival, Duncan MacRae, is stabbed to death in the family tent. Duncan's son seems to be the culprit, but the evidence starts pointing in another direction, eerily in sync with the predictions of what Horatio had assumed was a fake psychic.

Danger, romance, bagpipes, and men in skirts--not to mention Shakespeare allusions--this mystery has it all! Great reading for tweens and teens, grades 7 & up. A bit of gore, sexual situations, language.

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